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Real Estate House Real Estate (REH) is a subsidiary of BIG Beyout Investment Group Holding. The company’s capital is (20,350,000 Kuwaiti Dinars) (twenty million three hundred fifty thousand Kuwaiti Dinars).

REH provides many specialized real estate services with high quality and efficiency. Those services are focused on managing facilities, other commercial properties, and BOT projects.



The company has been managing and operating Al Mubarakiya Market since 2017, which is one of the main tourism attraction and historical landmarks in the State of Kuwait. REH has successfully acquired the project by bidding on the plan presented by the Ministry of Finance, which has also awarded to the company with “The Best Bid” for the period of ten years.


The company holds a number of properties located across the governorates of Kuwait, and it also manages other real estate assets that are own by associated companies

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